Zong Internet Packages Daily Weekly Monthly

On this Page we talk about Zong Internet Packages with codes details propakistani2 provide all internet packages of zong like daily weekly monthly first we talk about zong telecommunications company. before zong name when he start network in Pakistan his name paktel this is china mobile company he start in pakistan as paktel after his name change to zong.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages daily overview

here we talk about zong daily internet packages with codes all packages details provide on a table Daily Data Max provide 1GB internet with 500 Mbs for YouTube this package valid for 1 day and this package price Rs 49.

Zong Daily Basic in this package you get 100 MBs for 1 day this package subscribe code you dial *6464#.

Zong Shandar Daily bundle in this package you get 50 Mbs and unlimited zong minutes and 800 SMS for 1Day this package activations code *999# and price of this package 17 Rs.

zong brings daily mehran package with 100 Mbs internet and unlimited zong network minutes and 500 SMS for 1 Day and this offer subscribe code *2345# and this bundle price Rs 30.

for Karachi users zong bringhs special offer Daily karachi in this offer you get 125 Mbs internet and unlimited zong minutes with price of 20 Rs and activation code *544#.

many users like just social bundle zong interdoused for his customers zong social bundle in this bundle you get 1.5 GB internet with price of Rs 23 the subscribe code is fot this bundle you dial *386#.

if you want a very low price of bundle for 1 day you buy zong SMS & WhatsApp bundle in this package you get 30 MBs for WhatsApp and 500 local SMS with price of just Rs 10 and this bundle subscribe code *544#.

zong day time offer you buy and get 1.5GB internet and unlimited zong minutes with price of Rs 25.

Zong Internet Packages Weekly

when we talk about zong internet packages then we need different type bundles like weekly zong bundle zong gives you weekly pro offer in this offer you get 40 Gb internet and unlimited calling minutes for zong network and 250 Minutes for other network and Unlimited SMS price of this bundle 460 Rs actvation for this bundle you dial *794#.

Zong weekly Premium offer zong prepaid customers 30 GB internet unlimited zong minutes 180 other network minutes unlimited SMS For 1 Week and the price of this package 440 Rs

Super Weekly Max in this offer you get 20 GB internet 5000 Zong minutes 5000 SMS and 100 minutes for other network cost of this bundle Rs 420 and activation code of this bundle dial *220

Zong Weekly AIO offers it zong customers 4GB internet for 7 days with price of Rs 270 in this offer you get unlimited zong minutes and 60 minutes for other network and 5000 SMS dial *707#.

Zong Internet Packages Monthly

Zong Monthly Supreme offers you buy this bundle and get 20 GB internet for 30 days 5000 Zong Minutes 500 other network minutes and 5000 SMS price of this bundle 999 Rs and this package code dial *3030#.

Zong Monthly Super bundle offers you 30 GB total internet (6GB YouTube+4GB WhatsApp) and 5000 zong minutes 450 Off net minutes 5000 SMS with cost of 1299 Rs this bundle valid for 30 Days and this package activation code *4567#.

Zong monthly social in this package you get 12 GB internet for Facebook , WhatsApp , IMO and 250 zong minutes 50 off net minutes 250 SMS for 30 Days this bundle price of 370 Rs and subscribe code dial *6000#.

zong more internet packages

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Q: What is zong Internet Package Code?

Ans: Zong have many internet packages but this is your choice which is you choice but her we provide zong Daily Max offer if you want to active this bundle you dial *5#

Q: How to Active zong weekly pro?

if you want to active zong weekly pro you dial *794# and get 40 GB internet in this bundle and unlimited zong minutes 250 Off net minutes unlimited SMS with price of 460 Rs.

How to get 40 GB zong monthly internet?

you dial *6464*3*2# and active zong 40 GB internet (20 GB 1 AM-9 AM) this package valid for 30 days and price of this bundle Rs 1000.


AS you know here we talk about Zong Internet Packages propakistani2 provide All zong packages information with details of codes i think you like our information and keep connected with propakistani2 and enjoy with zong network.

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